Where the Water of Life comes from

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, April 25, 2010 23:16

Logo City Journal Entry 2

A Guided Tour to the Rehthal Whisky Distillery

The Characters

Tour Guide: broad-shouldered jocular tour guide

Tour Guide

Ben: visitor to Rehthal Whisky GmbH, easily getting into trouble

Ben, easyly getting into trouble

Jenny: girlfriend of Ben, used to trouble

Jenny, used to trouble

Visitors: well, just visitors

Scene One

At the entrance to the Rehthal Whisky Visitors Center

The Rehthal Distillery

Ben: Why the heck do we have to wait here? What do all those people do here?
Jenny: Ben don’t make such a fuss. It’s OUR day today.
Ben: But who is interested in whisky? I love beer.
Jenny: Ben, don’t be unfair…
Tour Guide: Howdy Guys! Howdy! Welcome to the Rehthal Distillery! I recon you all love whisky, eyhhh?
Ben (whispers to Jenny): Me not. I am the beer-type.
Tour Guide: Did you hear that? I thought I heard a hum in my ear! HaHa
Ben (whispers): …bahh, whisky. Beer is it.
Tour Guide: There it is again! I swear someone just said “beer”. Be advised: do NEVER use that evil B-word in this holy place. HaHaHa.
Jenny: Ben, now shut up.
Tour Guide: The “Rehthal Whisky GmbH” is one of the oldest and finest distilleries in the Simnation. It is set beautifully between the haunting castle ruin Gruneburg, that you can see to your right, and this dark romantic woods.

Rehthal Whisky is little changed since 1887, when William Rehthal and his nine children rolled up their sleeves to build this distillery with their bare hands. These same silent warehouses and steamy mash rooms produce one of the nation’s most distinguished single malt Simmish whiskys today.

Scene Two

The whisky stills
Tour Guide: Now we come to the whisky stills. And please remember, girls and boys, that our whisky is four times distilled, not only twice or three times like those evil, clueless Scots and Irish do. HaHaHa.
An Inside into a Whisky Still
Ben (whispers): Jenny, “Rehthal is the best whisky ever made”, I get it! Can we now go and have a beer please?
Tour Guide: QUIET! – Did I hear the evil B-word? HaHaHa
Ben (loud): Beer, beer, beer.
Tour Guide: What is your name, young man?
Ben: Me? I am Ben, with a “B” like in “beer”!
Tour Guide: Ben, see that open door in the corner over there? Would you please go and close it – but be sure to do it from the other side! HaHaHa

Where was I…Ahh… Here you can see the stills and the huge smoke pipe that is needed to give life to the fire and to “The” whisky.

Scene Three

The maturing process
Tour Guide: […tiresome, over-the-top marketing schmaltz…]
Ben: I have a question, Sir.
Tour Guide: …an empire for a Rehthal whisky…Ahh, our young yellow-water-drinker has a question. HaHaHa
Ben: How come your whisky is called “Simmish”?
Tour Guide: No special reason, only that “Simean” sounds a bit weird, don’t it? HaHaHa
Jenny: Please, Ben! He will kick you out of the tour.
Ben: At least “Simean” would (phonetically) include the effect your whisky has. HeHeHe.

I say: let’s go get a beer.

Tour Guide: Young man, I showed you the door. Go with God – but go.

OK gents, let’s go on with our tour: These wooden casks are then stored on-site in our traditional warehouses, and the spirit is left to mature. The atmospherically dark, damp interior of the warehouse and the temperature, humidity and climate of this environment provide optimum conditions for maturing the best quality Simmish whiskies. It is here that the Rehthal spirit acquires its distinctive, well-balanced character.

An Inside into a Maturing Hut

Scene Four

Where all the whisky goes
Tour Guide: And now we come to the most important stop on our dive into making the world’s best whisky: the gift shop. HaHaHa.

Choose one of our four award winning brands (time lapse animation):

Tour Guide: Young Man, what was your name again? Ahh, Ben.
Ben: Yes?
Tour Guide: What would you rather be without if you should choose? Whisky or a woman?
Ben: I’d say: It all depends on years / vintage!
Jenny: Hmmpf
Tour Guide: HaHaHa. Good one.

Let’s go on to the last part of our journey. Where does all the whisky go?

Well at Rehthal we produce 10.000 boxes of whisky a year. That is not much, but, girls and boys, it is the famous Simmish four-times distilled Rehthal Whisky.

Actually we handle all transports by lorry. They go from here through the lovely small township of Grunen down the road to the south.

All our drivers are said to stop in the middle of the romantic forest at the “Whisky-Inn”, a couple of houses featuring a small bar. Don’t know what the reason for this stop is. Perhaps this round copper thing has something to do with it. HaHaHa

Moonshine Still
Tour Guide: The whisky boxes are then delivered to our warehouse in Zweifingern and are shipped out into the world from the small ferry pontoon right vis-à-vis the warehouse.
Warehouse and Pontoon
Tour Guide: And now, boys and girls, buy, buy, buy. We have everything you want!

Don’t miss our exciting new range of Rehthal gift packages and accessories, which includes premium quality jumpers and dummies for your very small whisky bon vivants.

Ben: Ahh, if this is a store, can I please have a beer?
Tour Guide: [loses his composure]

Now, let us stop at this very special moment of the small tour we were participating in. And let us cover the upcoming scene with the coat of love.

I hope all of you enjoyed reading about the distillery tour as much as I enjoyed writing it. Stay tuned – the next entry is in work.

8 Responses to “Where the Water of Life comes from”

  1. Shilka says:

    Hahaha what an awesome tour. A really funny update, and great work on the pictures, especially how you opened up those buildings to give us a glimpse of what’s inside, very well done and haven’t seen it before either, so extremely original too!
    The drivers route is great too, and it’s great to see something of the sc4 area you’ve been working on this way.
    The animated bottle is downright awesome… the quality of these updates is great and surely worth the wait!

  2. Gorbag says:

    You all put me to shame. Fantastic update. It’s high quality stuff, just like the whiskey. It sounds as though those drivers are doing something dodgy at the moonshine still.

    Nice cut-aways. Great GIMPing skill you have.

  3. Gorbag says:

    Also Zweifingern? Ha ha.

  4. Dr. Nikolaus Wilson says:

    Thank you for the compliments. I am glad you like the entry.

    I think the drivers provide for some auxiliary income. Would be interesting to know if they use Rehthal bottles to sell their black distilled stuff. :)

    I am working hard on my GIMPing skills. You should try that out. GIMP provides layers something Photophiltre does not.

    Zweifingern could be translated to Two Finger Bay. If one zooms out one can see that the village is located on the edge of two small fjords.

  5. CSGdesign says:

    Very unique graphics types you have here, a lot of work went into it! Really nice!

  6. marsh says:

    I loved that photoshopping that you did! Realy uniqe and cool!

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