Foul Funds Found

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, June 6, 2010 15:36

Banner City Journal Entry 4

Area under Review for building of rail track
This is North-Bai (Bai Nord), a village a few kilometers west of GRUNEN, with it’s famous stone mine. Since a little over 100 years stones are cut out of the granite shores here. This provided some wealth to the village best to be seen at the cobbel stone pavement of the streets.

North-Bai Stone Mine
The stone mine is rapidly expanding. The regional council wants to promote export and regional development. The obvious idea was to built means to improve the transportation capacities for the mine. And here lives the man who promissed to get that done: the mayor of GRUNEN. He lives in a john Doe like house. Why? He is one of the people!
Old house of the Mayor of SimCity 4 City Grunen
But how to pay the millions necessary to lay all the tracks?

Luckily the SimNation government provides a “Developing-Regions-Improvement-Funds”. GRUNEN’s application for funds was granted and a small, however, fine single track rail was built. Starting at the stone mine…
North-Bai stone mine freight station
…the rail crosses the dark Sukower Woods…
Impression of the single track rail mod (SC4)
…and leads over the regions first bridge. The bridge was the main point at issue in the funds application proceedings. Only the mayor’s dedicated work and insistence eventually led to the necessary federal funds being granted.
Grunen's first bridge
The rail then passes Zweifingern and ends in a little industrial district south of it. However, the station is not in optimally located as the only (pontoon) harbor is in Zweifingern and now all stones have to be carried from the station to the pontoon by  truck. The idea behind the stations location was to have a better track layout for the future use as passenger rail. (A smart mayor’s idea the federal funds authorities should not learn of.)
Zweifingern freight station
After the works were finished a nitpicking officer found around one million simoleans of the federal subsidies missing. A “thorough and relentless” investigation was ordered by the mayor turning out – nothing.

To celebrate the new rail connection the mayor invited to a garden party at his new house.
Newhouse of the Mayor of SimCity 4 City Grunen
A journalist accidentally dropping by the party later maintained to know where the defrauded funds were. Do you?

The defrauded one million simoleans are hidden in one of the pictures of this entry. Can you spot it? Tell us!

6 Responses to “Foul Funds Found”

  1. Nickie says:

    I see it next to the mansion!

  2. Shilka says:

    Lovely update, and nice to see a bit more of the area up close.
    The money was a bit easy to spot, but you worked it into the picture quite well!
    The railroad looks really nice with all the smooth curves you used, though I wonder if it wouldn’t have been cheaper to buy out some farmer instead of cutting across that bay with a bridge like that. On the other hand, with national funding I guess it’s not surprising that some contractor managed to pull some strings somewhere to get a bridge in…

  3. CSGdesign says:

    I haven’t been able to post until now due to a password stuff up but as always your entries entertain me with their mastery of content as well as intriguing plot-line.
    Nice work NW – look forward to more!

  4. Gorbag says:

    Great entry NW! They’re always very entertaining.

  5. Dr. Nikolaus Wilson says:

    Thank you all so much! I am glad you liked the entry.

    @Shilka: It was the dedication of the mayor to this project that convinced the Federal Funds Authority of the necessity of that bridge. I think the fact that the mayor’s cousin is in the steel and concrete business has nothing to do with it. :)

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