Trembling Tarmac

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, June 22, 2010 20:34

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As you all know the Department of Planning Services drafted a Land-Use Plan for the City of GRUNEN. That Plan provided for a main road for the trough traffic. You can have a look at the plan here.

Our honorable mayor pulled some strings, contacted old friends and came up with the idea to apply tarmac to that future main road. Though statistics and traffic projection showed no need for such action for the next ten years. But our honorable mayor solved this minor hindrance by simply adding a “0″ behind every figure of the projection before it was published. (Later he would argue that this was a printing error.)

Eventually tarmac was applied to the streets by “TT Trembling Tarmac Ltd”. Why they call themselfs Trembling Tarmac? Watch those trembling pictures of the tarmac works:

For all of you interested in having a closer look to the tarmac works: click on the pictures below.

Picture of the City of GRUNEN before the tarmac was applied Picture of the City of GRUNEN after the tarmac was applied

Eventually some questions remain unanswered. Why didn’t the city council invite for a bid? Why did the actual construction cost exceed the cost-projection by 67%? And why the heck do the CEO of TT Trembling Tarmac Ldt. and our honorable mayor have the same surname?

Please do comment heavilly and stay tuned for further updates!

8 Responses to “Trembling Tarmac”

  1. Nickie says:

    Hmmm… really makes you wonder XD

    • Dr. Nikolaus Wilson says:

      Yeah. It’s the second time we have to wonder about our mayor… Let’s see if his political rivals make use of the strange things happening around him…

  2. CSGdesign says:

    Aw crap you beat me to using animated GIFs… something I’ve been meaning to do for ages now.

    Nice work! None of my towns have dirt roads for so long… usually they’re just side-roads up to farms or out through really regional areas.

    It’s an interesting effect when it’s every street in a town.

    • Dr. Nikolaus Wilson says:

      The trembling picture actually is a flash movie. Like the morphing bottle in the Rethal Distillery entry.

      I started my region in game year 1500 or so. That is why I have so much dirt roads. It is (at least until now) a very poor region. Tarmac could simply not be payed for until now.

  3. Gorbag says:

    I like how you made a simply entry so visually appealing with that graphic.

    • Dr. Nikolaus Wilson says:

      Thank you. It is not that difficult at all. I took two region shots. Editted the second one, because I had to use road pieces to divide the two different SAM textures and I didn’t want the roads to be seen. And finally compiled the two pictures into a flash movie use a freeware moviemaker solution.

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