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By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, July 9, 2010 16:14

Banner City Journal Entry 6

GRUNEN plans a Garbage Dump. Have a closer look to the planning:

Area under review for the Cyclic Garbage Dump

GRUNEN and the surrounding villages have a waste problem. Let’s hear some of the daily conversations of the citizens:

“Dad, what is that dirty needle I found at the wayside good for?”

“Mama, why shouldn’t I play with those neat red and blue cans I find in the streets?”

“Hey, Billy, give me the snow shovel. I want to park my car and that rubbish pile is in the way.”

The mayor of GRUNEN, a proud owner of a snow shovel, eventually realised that something had to be done. Therefore he contacted the “Garbage Master plc.” a specialist in dealing with waste. And one day when his wife dug out the letter box he received a prospectus with three proposals how to deal with GRUNEN’s waste.

The first proposal was a simple apparatus invented after Simolumbus went over the Edge.

PEG Garbage Chute

“Far too dangerous”, he thought and turned over to the next page.

SC3000 Style Incinerator

“Nice. That would blend harmonically in the present surroundings”, he said to his wife. She gave him the look. You know THAT look. That look that makes you feel small, substitutable and undeserving. He turned the page again.

SC4 Cyclic Garbage Dump

“Ahh, I think I will take that”, the mayor said looking at the prospectus.

“Good idea”, said his wife, “a cyclic dump is an affordable, clean and good solution to our city’s problem.”

The mayor nodded.

And as I watched the scene from above, dear reader, I am pretty sure the mayor and his wife were talking about the same thing here.

Later that same year the region’s first Cyclic Garbage Dump was inaugurated. I will be showing the final dump in one of the next glimpses. So, stay tuned for the latest news.

Edit: You can find the aerial pictures of the new garbage dump here.

5 Responses to “Garbage Masters plc”

  1. Gorbag says:

    Very funny.

    Does the dump actually work like that in game? It will decompose if unconnected?

    • Dr. Nikolaus Wilson says:

      Yes, it works. Although Shilka deserves the credit for coming up with that perfect example of a cyclic dump in the picture I tried a similar concept years ago. It works fine. The only drawback is that you have to constantly think about (dis-) connecting the differnt sections.

  2. Shilka says:

    What a great solution for your garbage disposal!
    I knew the cyclic garbage dump would have that little ‘extra’ needed to convince a mayor that knows the value of money ;)

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