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By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, April 4, 2010 13:41

This page addresses the technical questions of the SC4 region GRUNEN and lists most of the custom content used.

Style of Play

I will be playing after the natural growth principle. You can find a full description of that game-play-style here. Basically every step in this city journal will be done without pre-planning and in a role-playing state of mind. Not the best or the most beautiful city is the aim. I will be seeking for natural development and natural look.

I will also incorporate elements of synoecism, the process of villages joining to become a town. You can find a blog focusing on synoecism here.

The Region GRUNEN

I developed the region GRUNEN from a map of the greater Auckland region. I rotated that map and removed some of the water, as the region should not be an island but continental. Then I added a few island and broadened some of the rivers to allow for ferrys. As last step I equalized the terrain five times with the terraformer tool. And this was the result:

The region is 11 x 12 big city tiles.

Mods used

I have a conservative approach to custom content, normally using only pieces that have no dependencies or do use few basic dependencies. Also I liked to limit the number of mods to keep different regions comparable. For GRUNEN this will probably change, as I take this city journal more seriously than my SC4 games to date. The mods used for the region GRUNEN include:


Terrain and Water Mods




3 Responses to “Custom Content”

  1. Shilka says:

    A very nice region map Wilson, some very challenging terrain at places!

  2. Gorbag says:

    I wonder if it would be possible to get the Bridge Height Mod from you. It’s listed as blocked on the STEX.

  3. dutchneworleanian says:

    Hi there, great cj, really like your style.

    Can you tell me which mod you sue to get the dirt roads? i have checked the above mods but could not see them between those.


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