Cyclic Garbage Dump Opened

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, August 6, 2010 12:10

After four months of building time (and a three weeks holiday of mine) the City of GRUNEN is proud to announce that the regions first cyclic garbage dump has opened.

The proud mayor’s wife booked a sightseeing flight in one of the old balloons kept in the shed of Gustav Montgolfiere. She took some nice pictures of her gardens and the pretty flowers growing there. She also waved her grand nice and took pictures of … Ahhh, wait … where was I? … ahh … oh, yeah, the garbage dump.

Of course she also took pictures of the garbage dump. Here are two of the best:

Cyclic Garbage Dump in Zoom 3

Cyclic Garbage Dump in Zoom 4

Nice, ieh?

You can read the story behind this garbage dump here.

The dump handles the waste of the entire region. At the moment the City of GRUNEN does not charge the surrounding villages as the dump is big enough to handle all of the waste easily. This may probably change some time in the future when the city needs all the dumps capacity itself.

4 Responses to “Cyclic Garbage Dump Opened”

  1. Gorbag says:

    It really is very nice looking. Well done.

  2. Nickie says:

    Awesome, this looks great!

  3. Dr. Nikolaus Wilson says:

    Thank you. I am surprised myself that the dump looks that good with the ploppable farm field as texture. I first tried using Jeronij’s concrete walls. But that looked overdone.

  4. Shilka says:

    I agree the plop fields you used are just right, it looks great, very natural and ‘in place’. Very well done!

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