Multi City Commute: Finale

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, September 8, 2010 17:32

Banner City Journal Entry 9 - SC4 Multi City Commute Project

It has been done. The Multi City Commute Project is finished (see here (idea) and here (problem overview) and here (residential part) and here (industrial part) for more information).

Our honorable mayor eventually decided to solve the problem of commuting from Zweifingern to the Philipp Mine by installing a dedicated rail line. Looking at the regional traffic view (to be found here) this was the logical thing to do.

Building a road from Zweifingern to the Philipp Mine would have taken years. And it would have cost hundred-thousands of simoleans for the tarmac needed for that road. Ironically, that costs was what made the decision difficult! Why? Hmm, as you know the mayor and the CEO of Trembling Tarmac Ltd., regions big guy in the tarmac business, have the same surname. Do I have to say more? Its always good to have some money in the family :) !

But the mayor’s wife felt that the decision for the road would have caused difficulties not only with the voters but also with the state prosecutor. Therefore the mayor decided to skip the road idea and to remember that there is already a rail line starting at the mine and leading to Zweifingern for transportation of the mining goods. Why not use the rail line the other way around? Transporting passengers from Zweifingern to the mine. That’s it! Cheap, easy, fast (but – regrettably – not attractive in terms of personal gain; but that could not be helped).

The first passenger train station in the region of GRUNEN was built in Zweifingern. Watch the building process:

Near the existing cargo station some land was available for the construction. The place was also nearly optimal for a passenger train station as it was located in the heart of Zweifingern (between Zweifingern and Zweifingern-South).

Construction of the passenger train station in ZweifingernTrees were taken down and the planned tracks were prepared with dirt and gravel.

Construction of the passenger train station in ZweifingernTrack were laid out. The station was built. And a tarmac entrance street was built. Tarmac is the up to date material for streets, so now wonder they used it. Or was there some other reason? Hmm, let’s see who the contractor for the street was: hmm, “TT Ltd.” it reads here. Puh, what a luck, I momentarily thought it had been Trembling Tarmac Ltd…

Construction of the passenger train station in ZweifingernParking space for the commuters was cared for.

Construction of the passenger train station in ZweifingernAnd eventually everything was nicely decorated with trees and all the dirt from the rail tracks was hidden under a fine layer of no-dirt-mod.

Construction of the passenger train station in ZweifingernThe other end of the track was also cared for. A second train station was erected in Bai-North near the Phillip Mine. Before:

Construction of the passenger train station in Bai-NorthAfter:

Construction of the passenger train station in Bai-NorthAfter (zoomed in):

Construction of the passenger train station in Bai-NorthThe rail line was opened in 1928 GY. And … it worked. My sims are now travelling across two tiles from Zweifingern to the Philipp Mine for work. Multi City Commute can be done by the SC4 simulator! Want proof? Watch:

Commuters leaving Zweifingern:

Commuter leaving ZweifingernCommuters crossing the city tile of GRUNEN:

Commuter crossing GRUNENCommuters arriving at Bai-North:

Commuter arriving in Bai-NorthStill not convinced?

The next shot will get you. It shows the commuters coming from Zweifingern via GRUNEN and the routes they take to their workplaces:

Commuter going to workIsn’t that cool?

Multi City Commuters arriving in Bai-North, switching from train to bus, leaving the bus and going on by foot to their workplaces in the Philipp Mine’s factories.

My God, I love this game!

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  1. Gorbag says:

    Great, great work! Love everything.

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