Multi City Commute: Problem Overview

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, August 28, 2010 14:23

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You know from my previous update, that I am experimenting with multi-city commutes.

I now want to give a short overview to the problem in my region. In the following picture I highlighted the biggest residential area and the area with the most jobs available. As I left the grid on you can see that the sims from Zweifingern will have to cross two tiles to eventually reach the industrial area at the Philipp Stone Mine. That’s a mere 9 km. Easy as pie in real life but not for the sims that typically don’t like to cross more than one tile border.

Multi-City Commute Problem Overview.jpg

The street connection seems not to be usable for commuting as it goes an odd way. Further more it is mainly a dirt road. Going via that street from Zweifingern to the mine would probably take more than one hour. No wonder that no one does.

Multi-City Commute Problem Overview Traffic View.jpg

What can be done? If you have any proposals please do NOT keep them for yourself. Be a city planner. Tell me what you think!

Watch out for more information on the problem and my search for a solution. We will see updates in rapid succession!

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