Multi City Commute: The Industrial Part

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, September 2, 2010 18:59

Banner City Journal Entry 9 - SC4 Multi City Commute Project
Today we want to have a closer look on the industrial part of the multi-city commute project I am working on (see here and here and here for more information).

As said in my previous posts my idea is to get the sims in Zweifingern moving to work in the Philipp Mine in Bai-North. The mine, as the biggest industrial player in the region, has seen a considerable growth in the last years. Here is the mine as of 1910 GY:

Philipp Mine in Bai-North 1910The next picture shows the mine in 1924 GY. It was the year the 3rd stage of the mine was opened. You can clearly see that more and more industry is settling around the mine. That industry is not only mine-related, it is also industry dealing with further processes and industry that processes that further processes industries further processes. And we also see the first further processes industries further processes further processed by further further processing industry. See what I mean? :)

Philipp Mine in Bai-North 1924Next picture shows the mine as of 1927 GY, the game year I am playing at the moment. This is the latest shot of the mine. You can see the 4th stage of mining has already opened and the 1st stage is already depleted. The years of mining caused the first stage to run full of water. No solution for that is available at the moment. So, the Philipp Mine lets the water stink.

Philipp Mine in Bai-North 1927The last shot shows a more detailed view of the mine.

Philipp Mine in Bai-North 1927 closeupYou can spot all the small yellow dots: places for industrial use that can not be build on at the moment due to the lack of workforce. The Philipp Mine hopes the mayor will not continue posting about the Multi City Commute Project in all eternity without doing it actually! He should take his mouse and make the sims commute! Hey, admin, do you her me?

See you soon for the next entry on Multi City Commute.

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