Multi City Commute: The Residential Part

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, August 30, 2010 15:57

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Today we want to have a closer look on the residential part of the multi-city commute project I am working on (see here and here for more information).

The cities of Zweifingern and Zweifingern-South are the fastest growing parts of the region of GRUNEN. Look at this time lapse animation showing the growth of the recent eight years (1919 to 1927 GY):

(Watch in full size)

Why is that growth?

The three main reasons are: space, space and space. Zweifingern is located beautifully at an inlet that was only sparsely covered with trees. It is easy and cheap to build here. That is for example not true for the oldest part of the region, the city of GRUNEN itself. It is surrounded by a dense and very old forest of conifers, most eye caching among them the Redwood that can grow 100m high.

In addition the smart people of the city council in Zweifingern put every simolean in infrastructure thereby making the city a nice and safe place to live. See here:

Infrastructure of Zweifingern, new school, police, clinic

Especially the opening of the new school was followed by heavy building activity. Perhaps reason was the name of the school: Bryan Adams Memorial School. Not the Bryan Adams visited the school, he doesn’t even know it exists. But why that name? Hmm, as I said: the people of the Zweifingern city council are smart. :)

Here is a closer view of the school and the soccer field. The small white building to the right of the school contains the “Bryan Adams Memorial School Guitar and Vocal Music Workshop for Young People”, shorter called the “BAMSGVMWYP”, colloquially called the “Band-Whip”.

The new Bryan Adams Memorial School at Zweifingern in 1926But back to the multi-city commute: In the second picture you may have noted the green residential areas on the bottom right and the middle left. Zweifingern has now reached a population that exceeds the existing jobs by far. New residential areas are not being built on. The solution is make the residents of Zweifingern commute to the industrial area around the Philipp Stone Mine, two tiles in the north-west.

And that is what I try to encourage them to do.

See you tomorrow when the industrial area around the Philipp Mine is being discussed.

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  1. CoastRunner says:

    Awesomeness! I love your humor. It’s really cool how you analyze your cities this way.

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