Sorry for Delay

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, October 9, 2010 21:50

Dear Readers,

due to heavy (-est) workload in real life I have to slow down the speed of updates a bit.

The nest update is nearly complete. You can expect it within two weeks.

Thank you

Nikolaus Wilson

Zyklische Mülldeponie erweitert

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, September 16, 2010 20:04

Um die Zeit bis zum nächsten Journaleintrag zu verkürzen, präsentiere ich Euch heute einen kleinen Schnappschuss:

To shorten the time till the next journal entry is due I present a little glimpse:

Sicher erinnert Ihr Euch alle, dass die Stadt GRUNEN eine zyklische Mülldeponie eröffnet hat. Wenn nicht stattet doch dem Amt für Recycling und Abwasser einen Besuch ab.

GRUNEN importiert den gesamten Müll der Region. Was die Planer der Mülldeponie nicht vorausgeahnt haben, war das sprunghafte Wachstum der kleinen Dörfer, die GRUNEN umgeben. Die Deponie wurde schnell zu klein, so dass es inzwischen notwendig war, die zyklische Nutzung der einzelnen Abteilungen der Deponie zu Gunsten einer höheren Gesamtkapazität aufzugeben. Und das war noch nicht alles. Die Deponie musste auch erheblich vergrößert werden. Seht her:

Erweiterte Mülldeponie 1930/31

Zusätzlich hat die Stadt GRUNEN auch einen Recyclinghof eröfnet. Aber was soll ich sagen – die Kapazitäten sind schon wieder fast ausgeschöpft.

Es wird daher notwendig sein, die Deponie kurzfristig weiter zu vergrößern. Derweil versucht der Bürgermeister mit den anliegenden Gemeinden eine Kündigung des Müllimportvertrages zu erreichen. Keine leichte Aufgabe, aber wir wissen ja, dass der Bürgermeister findig ist :) .

Multi City Commute: Finale

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, September 8, 2010 17:32

Banner City Journal Entry 9 - SC4 Multi City Commute Project

It has been done. The Multi City Commute Project is finished (see here (idea) and here (problem overview) and here (residential part) and here (industrial part) for more information).

Our honorable mayor eventually decided to solve the problem of commuting from Zweifingern to the Philipp Mine by installing a dedicated rail line. Looking at the regional traffic view (to be found here) this was the logical thing to do.

Building a road from Zweifingern to the Philipp Mine would have taken years. And it would have cost hundred-thousands of simoleans for the tarmac needed for that road. Ironically, that costs was what made the decision difficult! Why? Hmm, as you know the mayor and the CEO of Trembling Tarmac Ltd., regions big guy in the tarmac business, have the same surname. Do I have to say more? Its always good to have some money in the family :) !

But the mayor’s wife felt that the decision for the road would have caused difficulties not only with the voters but also with the state prosecutor. Therefore the mayor decided to skip the road idea and to remember that there is already a rail line starting at the mine and leading to Zweifingern for transportation of the mining goods. Why not use the rail line the other way around? Transporting passengers from Zweifingern to the mine. That’s it! Cheap, easy, fast (but – regrettably – not attractive in terms of personal gain; but that could not be helped).

The first passenger train station in the region of GRUNEN was built in Zweifingern. Watch the building process:

Near the existing cargo station some land was available for the construction. The place was also nearly optimal for a passenger train station as it was located in the heart of Zweifingern (between Zweifingern and Zweifingern-South).

Construction of the passenger train station in ZweifingernTrees were taken down and the planned tracks were prepared with dirt and gravel.

Construction of the passenger train station in ZweifingernTrack were laid out. The station was built. And a tarmac entrance street was built. Tarmac is the up to date material for streets, so now wonder they used it. Or was there some other reason? Hmm, let’s see who the contractor for the street was: hmm, “TT Ltd.” it reads here. Puh, what a luck, I momentarily thought it had been Trembling Tarmac Ltd…

Construction of the passenger train station in ZweifingernParking space for the commuters was cared for.

Construction of the passenger train station in ZweifingernAnd eventually everything was nicely decorated with trees and all the dirt from the rail tracks was hidden under a fine layer of no-dirt-mod.

Construction of the passenger train station in ZweifingernThe other end of the track was also cared for. A second train station was erected in Bai-North near the Phillip Mine. Before:

Construction of the passenger train station in Bai-NorthAfter:

Construction of the passenger train station in Bai-NorthAfter (zoomed in):

Construction of the passenger train station in Bai-NorthThe rail line was opened in 1928 GY. And … it worked. My sims are now travelling across two tiles from Zweifingern to the Philipp Mine for work. Multi City Commute can be done by the SC4 simulator! Want proof? Watch:

Commuters leaving Zweifingern:

Commuter leaving ZweifingernCommuters crossing the city tile of GRUNEN:

Commuter crossing GRUNENCommuters arriving at Bai-North:

Commuter arriving in Bai-NorthStill not convinced?

The next shot will get you. It shows the commuters coming from Zweifingern via GRUNEN and the routes they take to their workplaces:

Commuter going to workIsn’t that cool?

Multi City Commuters arriving in Bai-North, switching from train to bus, leaving the bus and going on by foot to their workplaces in the Philipp Mine’s factories.

My God, I love this game!

Multi City Commute: The Industrial Part

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, September 2, 2010 18:59

Banner City Journal Entry 9 - SC4 Multi City Commute Project
Today we want to have a closer look on the industrial part of the multi-city commute project I am working on (see here and here and here for more information).

As said in my previous posts my idea is to get the sims in Zweifingern moving to work in the Philipp Mine in Bai-North. The mine, as the biggest industrial player in the region, has seen a considerable growth in the last years. Here is the mine as of 1910 GY:

Philipp Mine in Bai-North 1910The next picture shows the mine in 1924 GY. It was the year the 3rd stage of the mine was opened. You can clearly see that more and more industry is settling around the mine. That industry is not only mine-related, it is also industry dealing with further processes and industry that processes that further processes industries further processes. And we also see the first further processes industries further processes further processed by further further processing industry. See what I mean? :)

Philipp Mine in Bai-North 1924Next picture shows the mine as of 1927 GY, the game year I am playing at the moment. This is the latest shot of the mine. You can see the 4th stage of mining has already opened and the 1st stage is already depleted. The years of mining caused the first stage to run full of water. No solution for that is available at the moment. So, the Philipp Mine lets the water stink.

Philipp Mine in Bai-North 1927The last shot shows a more detailed view of the mine.

Philipp Mine in Bai-North 1927 closeupYou can spot all the small yellow dots: places for industrial use that can not be build on at the moment due to the lack of workforce. The Philipp Mine hopes the mayor will not continue posting about the Multi City Commute Project in all eternity without doing it actually! He should take his mouse and make the sims commute! Hey, admin, do you her me?

See you soon for the next entry on Multi City Commute.

Multi City Commute: The Residential Part

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, August 30, 2010 15:57

Banner City Journal Entry 9 - SC4 Multi City Commute Project
Today we want to have a closer look on the residential part of the multi-city commute project I am working on (see here and here for more information).

The cities of Zweifingern and Zweifingern-South are the fastest growing parts of the region of GRUNEN. Look at this time lapse animation showing the growth of the recent eight years (1919 to 1927 GY):

(Watch in full size)

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Multi City Commute: Problem Overview

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, August 28, 2010 14:23

Banner City Journal Entry 9 - SC4 Multi City Commute Project
You know from my previous update, that I am experimenting with multi-city commutes.

I now want to give a short overview to the problem in my region. In the following picture I highlighted the biggest residential area and the area with the most jobs available. As I left the grid on you can see that the sims from Zweifingern will have to cross two tiles to eventually reach the industrial area at the Philipp Stone Mine. That’s a mere 9 km. Easy as pie in real life but not for the sims that typically don’t like to cross more than one tile border.

Multi-City Commute Problem Overview.jpg

The street connection seems not to be usable for commuting as it goes an odd way. Further more it is mainly a dirt road. Going via that street from Zweifingern to the mine would probably take more than one hour. No wonder that no one does.

Multi-City Commute Problem Overview Traffic View.jpg

What can be done? If you have any proposals please do NOT keep them for yourself. Be a city planner. Tell me what you think!

Watch out for more information on the problem and my search for a solution. We will see updates in rapid succession!

Experiments in Multi-City Commutes

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, August 27, 2010 10:24

Banner City Journal Entry 9 - SC4 Multi City Commute Project
I am experimenting with multi-city commutes.

You all know that the sims can and will commute to the neighboring city if their home city doesn’t provide enough jobs. Why, who would not? What some people don’t know, the SimCity 4 (SC4) simulator can also handle what I call multi-city commute, that means: sims not only commuting to the neighboring city but 10, 20 or 30 km in one direction, thereby crossing multiple city tiles.

The SC4 simulator doesn’t like multi-city commute, though. He has to be encouraged. This can be done by different means, e.g. city planning and layout, dedicated traffic systems, or use of modern high-tech puzzle pieces as ESURE. You don’t believe in multi-city travel? Watch this test picture I made yesterday:

Multi-city commuter in actionYou can see 764 sims entering the city tile on the lower right corner via a single track rail line and leaving the tile in the upper left to head for jobs in the next city tile. That proves multi-city commute is possible.

Region GRUNEN has a lot of residents in Zweifingern (south of the picture) and a lot of jobs in Bai-Nord (west of picture). The distance is around 9 km, a distance every one in real life would easily commute. What I will do in the next week is encourage my sims in Zweifingern to commute to Bai-Nord. You will see glimpses in a rapid succession showing the recent growth in Zweifingern and Bai-North, the reasons why that is and my efforts to make the sims look 9 km further when seeking for a job.

I invite you to follow me on that interesting city developing project. It’s free!

Entry #8 – Baby round round – published

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, August 24, 2010 15:09

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And here we go again!

Want to know what egg-fetching-time is? Go here and visit my new entry dealing with the new farmers market in Herold.

Drop by and leave a comment.

Best wishes, Dr. Nikolaus Wilson

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Jetzt geht’s lo-os, jetzt geht’s lo-os.

Wollt Ihr wissen, was die Eier-Hol-Zeit ist? Klickt hier und schaut Euch meinen neuen Beitrag über den Bauernmarkt in Herold an.

Schaut doch mal rein und hinterlasst einen Kommentar.

Viele Grüße, Dr. Nikolaus Wilson

Traffic View Glimpse 1925

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, August 17, 2010 00:50

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Today I’d like to show a traffic view of the region as of 1925 which is pretty much the game year I am currently playing in.

I included some of the villages names to give you an overview. I have been working on 14 tiles to date.

As always you can click on the image to get the full image blast (550 KB). Enjoy!

Traffic View of the Region GRUNEN 1925

German Flag

Heute will ich Euch eine Verkehrsübersicht aus dem Gamejahr 1925 zeigen, das Jahr in dem ich derzeit spiele.

Ich habe einige der Dorfnamen in die Karte eingefügt, um Euch einen Überblick zu geben, wo was ist. Bisher spiele ich auf 14 großen Tiles.

Wie immer könnt Ihr auf das Bild klicken, um die volle Dröhnung zu bekommen (550 KB). Viel Spaß!

Entry #7 – The Art of Zoning Rural – now published

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By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, August 12, 2010 21:08

Dear Readers,

let’s have a word on natural development of a region. Let’s discuss the collision of natural tendencies of development and the limitations of a city simulator as SimCity 4.

And, by the way, let us see a great 4000 px mosaic of a rural part of GRUNEN.

Let’s discuss: The Art of Zoning Rural.

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