Sorry for Delay

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, October 9, 2010 21:50

Dear Readers,

due to heavy (-est) workload in real life I have to slow down the speed of updates a bit.

The nest update is nearly complete. You can expect it within two weeks.

Thank you

Nikolaus Wilson

7 Responses to “Sorry for Delay”

  1. Shilka says:

    Every region knows times of growth stagnation, right? ;)

  2. Gorbag says:

    I think Shilka and I know a fair bit about delays in posting. Don’t worry. :)

    P.S. I finally got the entry up you asked for.

  3. Shilka says:

    Weeks are long in Germany :P
    Just wanted to say hi, hope you are allright!
    I’ll just continue to check for updates…
    Oh, and have a great 2011!

  4. Dr. Nikolaus Wilson says:

    Hi guys,

    I am still alive … I just can’t do any updates due to work that has to be done in RL.

    I havn’t forgotten you. An update will come in another very, very long two weeks. :-)

    But – if I may say so – weeks are also long in the UK and the Netherlands…


  5. Shilka says:

    Ah, good thing I checked here, nice to hear from you!
    And yes, time seems to have become relative here too. Looks like Einstein was right after all!

    • Dr. Nikolaus Wilson says:

      Someone of the old guys still active?

      @shilka: I have to say, very long weeks in the Netherlands :-)

      • Ichitan says:

        Hi!, I just found your pages. Just wanted you to know, I love it!
        Have been reading for a month, not quite, I couldn’t quite understand English, or either German! Feel like checking in. In case you’re wondering I’m from Thailand. Just wanted you to update, haha. Thanks!

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