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Creating Land-Use Plans or Maps from In-Game Screenshots

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, May 26, 2010 18:40

For my entry no. 3 I made a Land-Use Plan (in German: Flächennutzungsplan) of the City of GRUNEN.

Here is where you can learn a way how to do such plans / maps.

1. Make an in-game screenshot

Make an in-game screenshot of the zones view of the desired area. Be sure to photograph considerably wider and higher then the area you want to make the plan of. Due to required skewing and resizing a good part of the edges will not be usable for the making of the map, at least if you want to have a map facing true north (see no. 3 below).

For really big maps a mosaic of screenshots will be required (I did a four picture mosaic to create the basis for my Land-Use Plan of the City of GRUNEN). Please refer to one of the tutorials on mosaics if you have questions on how to make them.

In-game zones screenshot of SC4

Creating a mosaic of four in-game screenshots

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