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Zyklische Mülldeponie erweitert

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, September 16, 2010 20:04

Um die Zeit bis zum nächsten Journaleintrag zu verkürzen, präsentiere ich Euch heute einen kleinen Schnappschuss:

To shorten the time till the next journal entry is due I present a little glimpse:

Sicher erinnert Ihr Euch alle, dass die Stadt GRUNEN eine zyklische Mülldeponie eröffnet hat. Wenn nicht stattet doch dem Amt für Recycling und Abwasser einen Besuch ab.

GRUNEN importiert den gesamten Müll der Region. Was die Planer der Mülldeponie nicht vorausgeahnt haben, war das sprunghafte Wachstum der kleinen Dörfer, die GRUNEN umgeben. Die Deponie wurde schnell zu klein, so dass es inzwischen notwendig war, die zyklische Nutzung der einzelnen Abteilungen der Deponie zu Gunsten einer höheren Gesamtkapazität aufzugeben. Und das war noch nicht alles. Die Deponie musste auch erheblich vergrößert werden. Seht her:

Erweiterte Mülldeponie 1930/31

Zusätzlich hat die Stadt GRUNEN auch einen Recyclinghof eröfnet. Aber was soll ich sagen – die Kapazitäten sind schon wieder fast ausgeschöpft.

Es wird daher notwendig sein, die Deponie kurzfristig weiter zu vergrößern. Derweil versucht der Bürgermeister mit den anliegenden Gemeinden eine Kündigung des Müllimportvertrages zu erreichen. Keine leichte Aufgabe, aber wir wissen ja, dass der Bürgermeister findig ist :) .

Cyclic Garbage Dump Opened

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, August 6, 2010 12:10

After four months of building time (and a three weeks holiday of mine) the City of GRUNEN is proud to announce that the regions first cyclic garbage dump has opened.

The proud mayor’s wife booked a sightseeing flight in one of the old balloons kept in the shed of Gustav Montgolfiere. She took some nice pictures of her gardens and the pretty flowers growing there. She also waved her grand nice and took pictures of … Ahhh, wait … where was I? … ahh … oh, yeah, the garbage dump.

Of course she also took pictures of the garbage dump. Here are two of the best:

Cyclic Garbage Dump in Zoom 3

Cyclic Garbage Dump in Zoom 4

Nice, ieh?

You can read the story behind this garbage dump here.

The dump handles the waste of the entire region. At the moment the City of GRUNEN does not charge the surrounding villages as the dump is big enough to handle all of the waste easily. This may probably change some time in the future when the city needs all the dumps capacity itself.

Garbage Masters plc

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, July 9, 2010 16:14

Banner City Journal Entry 6

GRUNEN plans a Garbage Dump. Have a closer look to the planning:

Area under review for the Cyclic Garbage Dump

GRUNEN and the surrounding villages have a waste problem. Let’s hear some of the daily conversations of the citizens:

“Dad, what is that dirty needle I found at the wayside good for?”

“Mama, why shouldn’t I play with those neat red and blue cans I find in the streets?”

“Hey, Billy, give me the snow shovel. I want to park my car and that rubbish pile is in the way.”

The mayor of GRUNEN, a proud owner of a snow shovel, eventually realised that something had to be done. Therefore he contacted the “Garbage Master plc.” a specialist in dealing with waste. And one day when his wife dug out the letter box he received a prospectus with three proposals how to deal with GRUNEN’s waste.

The first proposal was a simple apparatus invented after Simolumbus went over the Edge.

PEG Garbage Chute

“Far too dangerous”, he thought and turned over to the next page.

SC3000 Style Incinerator

“Nice. That would blend harmonically in the present surroundings”, he said to his wife. She gave him the look. You know THAT look. That look that makes you feel small, substitutable and undeserving. He turned the page again.

SC4 Cyclic Garbage Dump

“Ahh, I think I will take that”, the mayor said looking at the prospectus.

“Good idea”, said his wife, “a cyclic dump is an affordable, clean and good solution to our city’s problem.”

The mayor nodded.

And as I watched the scene from above, dear reader, I am pretty sure the mayor and his wife were talking about the same thing here.

Later that same year the region’s first Cyclic Garbage Dump was inaugurated. I will be showing the final dump in one of the next glimpses. So, stay tuned for the latest news.

Edit: You can find the aerial pictures of the new garbage dump here.

Recycling and Sanitation

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, July 9, 2010 15:52

The Recycling and Sanitation Department

The Recycling and Sanitation Department is responsible for the collection and disposal of residential recyclables, trash, and leaf and yard waste. The Department also holds hazardous waste drop-off days up to four times per year, seasonal paint and motor oil drop-offs, and offers discounted backyard compost bins.

Main facility

The Department’s main facility is the brand new Cyclic Waste Dump at the outskirts of the City of GRUNEN. Visit a short intro into the planning process here.

In the year 1930/31 GY the Cyclic Garbage Dump was improved by a fourth garbage section and a recycling center.

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