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Foul Funds Found

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, June 6, 2010 15:36

Banner City Journal Entry 4

Area under Review for building of rail track
This is North-Bai (Bai Nord), a village a few kilometers west of GRUNEN, with it’s famous stone mine. Since a little over 100 years stones are cut out of the granite shores here. This provided some wealth to the village best to be seen at the cobbel stone pavement of the streets.

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Cycledogg’s Tree Mod

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, April 5, 2010 23:09

Cycledogg’s Tree Mod is a great nature mod for simcity 4. I decided to use it for my region GRUNEN as the trees it provides are very realistic looking. It also has the double benefit to add a god mode brush and a variety of mayor mode trees.

There is a review of that mod rating it excellent. I had some problems with the mod, though (that is one reason my city journal is starting with a little delay). As far as I can see no one has addressed the problems up to date, so I will do.

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