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Where the Water of Life comes from

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, April 25, 2010 23:16

Logo City Journal Entry 2

A Guided Tour to the Rehthal Whisky Distillery

The Characters

Tour Guide: broad-shouldered jocular tour guide

Tour Guide

Ben: visitor to Rehthal Whisky GmbH, easily getting into trouble

Ben, easyly getting into trouble

Jenny: girlfriend of Ben, used to trouble

Jenny, used to trouble

Visitors: well, just visitors

Scene One

At the entrance to the Rehthal Whisky Visitors Center

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Rehthal Whisky GmbH

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, April 25, 2010 23:06

Welcome to the Rehthal Whisky GmbH

Rehthal Whisky GmbH Logo

Being one of Simnations’s oldest working distilleries, Rehthal Whisky GmbH  is strikingly situated by the beautiful Castle of Grunen on the sweep of the Sukower Noor. Founded in 1887 the original source of its water is still used to this day. Now, over a century later, four out of the nine distillery workers have the surname Rehthal so the distillery’s traditions still clearly run through the veins of the men who work there.

Visits to our Distillery are free.

Experience one of our traditional warehouses – whose earthen floors, stone walls and age-old atmosphere nurture this famous whisky to life. Each year we receive thousands of guests from all over the world. We’d be delighted to welcome you, too. During the summer we are open on weekends. From Monday 13th April to Sunday 18th October, we are open:

Monday to Saturday: 9.30am to 4.30pm
Sunday: 1:00pm to 4.30pm

Take the Guided Tour here.

Die Legende von Franz dem Grünen

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, April 8, 2010 16:11

Banner für die Legende von Franz dem Grünen

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Der Sage nach ist die Gründung der Stadt GRUNEN eng mit dem Schicksal des Jägers Franz Rehthal verbunden. Der „Grüne Franz“ soll um die Mitte des 14. Jahrhunderts in einem kleinen Dorf am Rande des Sukower Noores gelebt haben. Später, zu Geld gekommen, soll er die Gruneburg erbaut haben, die heute ein Touristenmagnet der Gegend um GRUNEN ist. Die Legende erzählt die Gründung der Stadt wie folgt: Continue reading 'Die Legende von Franz dem Grünen'»

The Legend of Franz the Green

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, April 8, 2010 16:11

Banner for the Legend of Franz the Green

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After the legend the foundation of the town of GRUNEN is closely connected with the destiny of the hunter Franz Rehthal. The “Green Franz” is said to have lived at the middle of the 14th century in a small village on the edge of the Sukower Noor, a dark swampy water. Later, come into money, he is said to have built the castle “Gruneburg” which is today a tourist magnet of the area around GRUNEN. The legend tells the foundation of the town as follows: Continue reading 'The Legend of Franz the Green'»

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