Why the cities look brownish

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, June 30, 2010 23:27

I proudly present the latest region shot. The date is 1924 GY (game year). Much has happened since the 1920.

Region screenshot dated  1924 GYWhy do my cities and villages look brownish? The reason is simple. I do use the SAM – Street Addon Mod. As the villages have roots dating back to the 15th century most of the old roads are made of sand and dirt. That looks brownish from a satellite perspective.

An exception is Bai-Nord (Bay-North), the stone miners city. You can find it in the upper left corner of the screenshot. As Bai-Nord has an old stone mine you can find a lot of waste stone there. The clever people of Bai-Nord used that cheap stone to build cobblestone streets.

You will note the brownish look to disappear in the forthcoming years as TT Trembling Tarmac Ltd. is eager to cover at least the most used streets with stone or tarmac … and remember: they have good connections to the mayor

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