Cycledogg’s Tree Mod

By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, April 5, 2010 23:09

Cycledogg’s Tree Mod is a great nature mod for simcity 4. I decided to use it for my region GRUNEN as the trees it provides are very realistic looking. It also has the double benefit to add a god mode brush and a variety of mayor mode trees.

There is a review of that mod rating it excellent. I had some problems with the mod, though (that is one reason my city journal is starting with a little delay). As far as I can see no one has addressed the problems up to date, so I will do.

Installer and Change of Brush

The tree mod comes with a useful self-installer. During the installation process you can choose one of 37 god mode tree brushes. Problems arise if you want to change the god mode brush later. Using the installer again is not sufficient as it does add the new brush yet does not delete the old one. Having two brushes installed is not recommended – it will crash SC4 to the desktop. Therefore you need to go to the plugin folder and delete the brush file no longer needed by hand. Thanks to a comprehensive doc file you can identify that file with ease.

Evaporation of Trees

If you use the god mode tree brush longer than an in-game month you will notice about half of the trees vanishing. They simply evaporate. As I don’t like mods that can endanger my cities I first thought of uninstalling the mod. Later I learned that the evaporation effect is harmless.

Once your city is saved the trees get locked into place and will never again vanish. The solution for the evaporation problem is to pause the game before planting trees. If time stands still no evaporation will take place. In the end you save the city and everything is fine.

Mixed Tree Controller Planting Single Type of Tree

Using the mod I encountered a problem with the two mixed tree controllers you may install as god mode tree brush. While they should provide a variety of different trees, they did not for me, at least not at any time.

The mixed coniferous tree controller should produce results like this:

Instead of this scenic result, the controller at irregular intervals planted only a single type of tree, in my case the Douglas fir:

As a result I got an in-homogeneous region look:

That was – of course – not acceptable for my region and I did start all over again. I had to redo 20 tiles of trees as a result. A work of about three to four hours.

Anyway, how to solve this problem? Honestly, I don’t know. I uninstalled the mod completely, installed it anew and never could provoke the problem to occur again. I modified 132 tiles with trees on five days and never had the problem again. So I conclude, I must have mixed up something during the installation process, probably while changing the god mode brushes (see above).

That’s it for the difficulties with Cycledogg’s Tree Mod, the official name of which is by the way the beautiful and easy to remember phrase: “CPTNo7AssortedTreeControllers”. As you can see, the mod is overall working fine and indeed excellent.

Thank you for tuning in and hope to see you again!


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  1. Shilka says:

    132 tiles… must have been a tedious job, I only had to do 72 and that included some medium sized tiles too…
    Looking forward to the first developments!

  2. CSGdesign says:

    This site is coming along well, NW.
    I look forward to seeing how you go.

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