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By Dr. Nikolaus Wilson, May 6, 2010 15:37

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Sorry, no updates for over a week now.

I didn’t get much time to work on an update recently. This is mainly due to heavy workload. But as my sims are busy the region is developing. To fill the period between major updates and journal entries I decided to introduce the concept of glimpses to the behind the scenes section of this site: From now on I will present short insights in the regions development every few days. So, come on, let’s get started:

This is the central part of the region GRUNEN as seen about game year (GY) 1890. The next update for this site is planned for 1900 GY. That means only ten years to go! :)

Region GRUNEN 1890You can spot GRUNEN, the legendary home of Franz the Green, located up north on the southern shore of the Sukower Noor. Below is Zweifingern where the famous four times distilled Rehthal Whisky is shipped out to all of SimNation.

And this is an overview over the beautiful village of GRUNEN:

Grunen 1890Castle Grunen can be seen in the left top corner of the screenshot. Next to it you can see the Rehthal distillery with all the warehouses needed for maturing the whisky. There is no tarmac in town as traffic does not require it.

So far for this little glimpse. See you again soon!

3 Responses to “Introducing glimpses”

  1. Shilka says:

    Very nice overview screens, and good idea to introduce glimpses inhere to bind your audience a bit.
    Some natural looking scenes here, and I like how you let the forests and terrains help guide your roads and developments!

    • Dr. Nikolaus Wilson says:

      My sims are constantly cutting away the forest to free land for agricultural use. See the deforested spots along the roads? Expect to see meadows there in one of the next glimpses.

  2. Gorbag says:

    Nice glimpses. I failed to notice this because I was always looking out for a new entry.

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